Trekking and Bike

the trails of San Sergio

A series of paths that lead directly from the Castle of San Sergio, ideal for outdoor activities to discover the extraordinary natural heritage of the Park.

San Sergio - San Leonardo

Nature trail surrounded by the Mediterranean overlooking the Gulf of Palinuro. Present on the way various examples of vegetation, an area full of mushrooms during the autumn period in which you can also find wild animals. Recommended to take with if 'a machete or otherwise a tool to make their way in some very thick sections. average training level.

San Sergio - Observatory for Migratory Wildlife

Path that quickly leads into the dense maquis of St. Sergius, until you reach the highest point of the cliff above Centola and that will give you a wonderful view on the Gulf Coast from Pisciotta Palinuro to Marina di Camerota, absolutely one of the the most fascinating sights of the place. From here we walk to the Observatory for the Migratory Wildlife, sad protagonist of Striscia la Notizia for the fact that he had been illegally built and then abandoned, which overlooks the river side of Mingardo, with breathtaking scenery.

San Sergio - Centola old town - Tempone - Fontanelle

A mixed route that allows to know the area of Centola in no time, passing from the intimate center of the country to the wilderness of Tempone and Fontanelle. The type of route goes from asphalt to gravel path, quite challenging in the last section where it can also be addressed in the second downhill training and experience of the rider. We return to San Sergio walking down the path that leads to San Leonardo, from admiring one of the most beautiful views over the Gulf of Palinuro which includes the entire coastline from Pisciotta Marina di Camerota.

San Sergio - Centola - San Severino - Licusati - Marina di Camerota - Palinuro - Caprioli

Sightseeing tour where you can admire many beauties of the territory. It starts from the small historical center of Centola, to go down to San Severino and its abandoned medieval village overlooking the village. Bypassed the village you will find yourself on Mingardina, which runs along the river Mingardo precisely, then venture into the dry climb but very suggestive that leads to Licusati, and from there directly to Marina di Camerota and its harbor, where you will make a around the country and then preseguire to Palinuro. Once in Palinuro it will go to the port and then up to Faracchio Plan is back on the road that runs along the famous beach of the saltworks. Caprioli got to go up attravesando the small villages of St. Nicholas and Foria. pretty challenging course, recommended during the spring / autumn months when it is not very heavy traffic. Exceptional views.